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  • Michael Mullaney answering Tenants calls
    Article: Feb 10, 2015

    WHEN a mini tornado hit Earl Shilton, one of the people helping to handle calls from worried tenants was Councillor Michael Mullaney.

    Cllr Mullaney, who is the Borough Council's Executive

    Member responsible for Housing, was already spending time in the council's call centre where he was gaining first-hand experience of how staff deal with housing repairs queries from tenants.

  • Article: Feb 10, 2015

    NEWBOLD VERDON families in need of housing will be able to benefit from four brand new houses that have just bought by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council.

    The Borough Council was able to buy the four two-bedroom homes, situated on a new development off Dragon Lane in the village, directly from the developer using £409,000 from the council's own Housing Revenue Account.

  • Article: Jan 30, 2015
    Anthony Nolan and Cllr Michael Mullaney on the hunt for selfless superheroes to save lives
    Parliamentary candidate for Bosworth Cllr Michael Mullaney and the charity Anthony Nolan are searching for more local heroes in Bosworth to join the Anthony Nolan bone marrow donor register and help in the fight against blood cancer.
  • Article: Jan 30, 2015
    Health bosses in Leicestershire have been urged to back a campaign aimed at dramatically reducing the number of suicides across the NHS.
    Hinckley and Bosworth Liberal Democrat Cllr Michael Mullaney has called on local NHS trusts to commit to an ambition for 'zero suicides' in their care.
    It follows Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's call for an overhaul of how the health service treats mental health.
    Today Cllr Michael Mullaney said Leicestershire NHS Trust should think about how it could provide better care for people suffering depression and other serious illnesses.
    Cllr Michael Mullaney said: "Latest figures show 374 people took their own lives in the East Midlands with 4,700 suicides in England in 2013.
    "This is not inevitable. These tragic deaths can be prevented. The majority of people who are feeling suicidal do not want to die. We have to do more to make sure people have the support they need so they do not get to the point where they believe taking their own life is their only option.
    "That's why I hope Leicestershire NHS Trust commits to the new ambition of zero suicides in our area. We have have to work together to remove the stigma around talking about suicide, so people are not afraid to ask for help."
    Three areas - Liverpool, the South West and East England have already created programmes to eliminate suicide by 2017/18 and steps could include:
    ·Keeping in touch with patients who move back home after being on a ward
    ·Having a personal safety plan in place so patients, family and friends know what to do and where to go for help if they need it
    ·Bringing safety systems in line with treatment for physical health - for example, designing a process for any member of staff to follow if a patient is at high risk of suicide. This would tell staff what to do, who to call, where to send the patient, and how to follow it up
    ·Joining all services up so that patients who are at risk will not fall through the cracks - linking GP, carers and mental health services
    Nick Clegg said: "Suicide is, and always has been, a massive taboo in our society. People are genuinely scared to talk about it, never mind intervene when they believe a loved one is at risk.
    "This isn't about blame. It is about doing more in every area of our society to ensure that people don't get to that point where they believe taking their own life is their only option."
    Notes to editors:
    The recent conference at the King's Fund, in London, is part of a wider campaign by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats to bring treatment for mental health problems out of the shadows and in line with physical health. In Government we have helped build a strong foundation for the improvement of mental health services, including:
    ● Setting up and leading the first ever Mental Health Taskforce with senior ministers from across the coalition
    ● Securing a £400 million investment over the course of this parliament to improve access to talking therapies
    ● £150m investment for treatment and support for children and young adults with eating disorders
    ● Introducing ground-breaking waiting time and access standards to put a limit on the length of time people have to wait for treatment, backed up by more than £120 million investment
    ● £54m for the Children and Young People's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme
    ● £7m investment to fund 50 new inpatient beds for children and young people
  • Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Hinckley and Bosworth Lib Dem Councillor and Parliamentary candidate Michael Mullaney has welcomed news that unemployment in Hinckley and Bosworth is 531 people lower than a year ago.

    The number of Jobseeker's Allowance claimants in Bosworth constituency in December 2014 was 614. This represents a rate of 1.2% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64.
  • Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Hinckley and Bosworth Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Cllr Michael Mullaney has backed calls for better provision of support for local people in mental health crisis. Mind, the mental health charity, is calling for local services to deliver on their promise to improve the support for people who are suicidal, self-harming or in psychosis.

  • Cllrs Michael Mullaney and Mathew Hulbert at the Holocaust Display at Next Generation in Hinckley
    Article: Jan 28, 2015

    Councillors Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney attended a Holocaust Memorial Service at St Mary's Church in Hinckley.

    It included readings, music and a video reflecting on the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

    Councillor Hulbert took part in the occasion, reading passages about the life of Eric Murunga, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

    Earlier in the day Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney visited the offices of the Next Generation charity in the town to look at a display that had been set up there to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Councillor Hulbert had worked with Shani Smith and Will Hare, from Next Generation, to set up the display.

    Reflecting on the day Councillor Mullaney says, "The service at St Mary's was poignant and moving.

    "On Holocaust Memorial Day we shared the memory of the millions who have been murdered in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur in order to challenge hatred and persecution in the UK today.

    "This message is particularly pertinent in light of the recent events in Paris, which saw millions of people taking to the streets in solidarity, in remembrance and in defence of the values of freedom, openness and tolerance for those of all faiths and none.

    "We must all pledge to learn the lessons of this day, of the need for peace, tolerance and the reconciliation of people's and apply them to the present day to create a better, brighter and more inclusive future."

    "Holocaust Memorial Day is, therefore, an important focal point in the year.

    "It is vital that we reflect upon the horrors of the past and honour those who survived."

    Councillor Hulbert, who is a Local Organiser with The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the charity that promotes and supports Holocaust Memorial Day, says "It's so important that we never forget what happened in the Holocaust and in the genocides that have happened since then and, indeed, tragically, the one that still goes on today in Darfur and Chad in Western Sudan."

    "We must never forget the six million Jewish people who were killed by the Nazi regime and their collaborators, as well as the five million other people killed just because they were seen as different, including Gay people, people with disabilities or those people killed because of their ethnic background, and those who've died in latter genocides.

    "We must reject the politics of fear and division, from whatever quarter it comes, and redouble our efforts to embrace our differences-whether in terms of religion, culture, background, sexuality or the myriad other ways that make us unique-whilst also recognising our common humanity."

    "Each Holocaust Memorial Day we repeat two words, but they must be more than just words. We must take them to our hearts and mean them. Never Again."

  • Article: Jan 27, 2015

    Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth Michael Mullaney is supporting the campaign for Flood Free Homes which launched on Tuesday 20th January. The campaign has been launched by the Association of British Insurers, supported by Friends of the Earth, Know Your Flood Risk, National Flood Forum, and the Property Care Association's Flood Protection Group. The aim of the campaign is to raise the issue of long term flood defence investment and land and water management.

  • Article: Jan 12, 2015
    Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Councillor Michael Mullaney is calling on small shops in the Borough to enter the 'Best Small Shops Competition' for a chance to be recognised in an awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament.
    Applications can be submitted via www.bestsmallshops.uk and should set out in no more than 500 words why they are the best small shop focusing on: innovation in the business, community engagement and entrepreneurial activity.
  • Article: Jan 8, 2015

    Hinckley Lib Dem County Councillor Michael Mullaney has called for Hinckley and Bosworth to get its fair share of £74,224,000 given to Leicestershire to fix our broken roads and pavements. He was speaking after the Government pledged £6billion nationally to finally sort our damaged roads out. Michael has claimed that if Leicestershire County Council shared the money proportionately across the County - it will make a huge difference.