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  • Cllr Michael Mullaney speaking out against the
    Article: Jul 24, 2014

    Cllr Michael Mullaney Hinckley and Bosworth's Executive member for Housing has welcomed moves that will see changes to the spare room subsidy or "Bedroom Tax"

    "At last years Lib Dem conference I spoke in favour of scrapping the Bedroom Tax.

    "In theory it was a good idea and the New Labour Government of course had already stopped providing the spare room subsidy for tenants who rented in the private sector. But it ignored the reality there are just not enough smaller council houses for people to move into. From Thatcher onwards, Labour and Conservative Governments simply stopped building Council Houses, so today there just aren't the Council Houses for people hit by the "Bedroom Tax" to move into.

    "Many of those hit by the bedroom tax are disabled people. It is an unfair 'tax' and it should be scrapped. When you take into account all the extra bureaucracy and costs created by the Bedroom Tax it is causing a lot of pain without even saving much money.

    "I am glad that the Lib Dem leadership now accept there is a need to change the Bedroom Tax. People who need a spare bedroom for medical reasons should no longer be penalised and people will only have to pay the Bedroom Tax if they refuse an offer of a suitable smaller property. Conservative Ministers however say they are opposed to these common sense changes.

    "These reforms are long overdue and I welcome them. In the meantime, until we can get the Conservatives to agree to these changes, there are discretionary housing payments available for people hit by the Bedroom Tax. If people think they qualify I would urge them to contact the Borough Council on 01455 238141"

  • Article: Jul 23, 2014

    The Public Hearing into the plans to build on the Big Pit in Hinckley resumes for it's second day of evidence in Hinckley this Thursday, 10am at the Hinckley Hub, Rugby Road, Hinckley.

    The Big Pit is a popular nature feature behind Ashby Road in Hinckley. The applicant wants to fill in the Big Pit water feature and build houses on the site.

  • Local resident Lloyd Godsall signing the streetlighting petition
    Article: Jul 18, 2014
    People in Hinckley have been flocking to sign a petition to keep their streetlights on.
    Hundreds of people in the town have already signed a petition organised by local Liberal Democrat Councillors to call for an alternative. Conservative run Leicestershire County Council are making further cutbacks to the streetlighting budget which could see a number of streetlights switched off and removed altogether, even during dark winter evenings. The Liberal Democrats are calling on the County Council to invest in cheaper, energy efficient LED lighting which would help save money while keeping the lights on.
  • Cllrs Mathew Hulbert and Michael Mullaney with the petitions to save Barwell Library
    Article: Jul 17, 2014
    LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Councillors have handed in a petition-signed by hundreds of residents-calling on the County Council to withdraw their planned changes to Barwell Library.
    Proposed changes would see the County Council no longer fund the library and it be staffed by volunteers rather than professional librarians.

    Councillor Mathew Hulbert, who represents Barwell, and Councillor Michael Mullaney, who is the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth, took the signatures to County Hall.

    They were filmed doing so by cameras from the BBC's Sunday Politics and the story was featured on this week's edition of the programme in the East Midlands.

    Councillor Hulbert says, 'We feel that the Tory-run County Council daren't say they want to close the library and so are doing this half-way house thing of saying it must be run by volunteers, but if they can't be found then ultimately it amounts to the same thing.'
    'We-and the hundreds of people who've signed our petition-say we want our much used and much loved library to remain funded by the County Council and staffed by professional librarians.
    'The Library is an essential resource and facility; for young patents, for children, for senior citizens, for people looking for work and many others.
    The County Council must listen and withdraw these planned changes.'
    Councillor Michael Mullaney says, 'I hope Leicestershire County Council will listen to the residents who have signed the petition.
    "Not only Barwell, but also Desford, Newbold Vernon, Burbage and other libraries in Hinckley and Bosworth could be shut if volunteers aren't found to run them.
    "Libraries are a vital local service and I hope the County Council will ensure they are kept open if volunteers can't be found to run them.'
  • Councillor Michael Mullaney with one of Hinckley's newest shop owners Cathy Phayres of Buttercream Bakery
    Article: Jul 14, 2014

    July is the UK's Independent Retailer Month, and Hinckley County Councillor Michael Mullaney is calling on local residents to show their support.

    Cllr Michael Mullaney said "We have a wide selection of Independent Retailers here in Hinckley. I've worked with local business groups like Love Hinckley which represent Independent Retailers in the town and they are incredibly enthusiastic about the many Independent retailers we have here.

  • Article: Jul 14, 2014

    Local Lib Dem Councillors Michael Mullaney and Mathew Hulbert have been campaigning and collecting petitions to keep a Library Service in Barwell.

    Here's the BBC East Midlands Today film of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akUwW3kicRs

  • Article: Jul 7, 2014

    More than 1,300 people in Hinckley and Bosworth will receive a bonus worth up to £250-a-year under a Liberal Democrat government, it has been announced.

    The no strings attached Carer's Bonus will help more than one million people who look after disabled loved-ones.

    The annual payment will help full-time carers get a bit of extra help and recognises the invaluable contribution they make to society.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2014

    Local lib Dems are running a petition concerned by plans to cut a further £1m to street lighting which is likely to leave some areas of Leicestershire with no street lighting whatsoever. We are urging the Conservative County Council to make savings by introducing modern technology; the more widespread use of energy efficient LEDs, centralising controls and greater flexibility; so that there will continue to be a safe level of street lighting across Leicestershire.

  • Barwell campaigners Cllrs Mathew Hulbert, Charlotte Green and David Gould campaiging to keep Library provision in Barwell
    Article: Jun 30, 2014

    A petition has been set up calling on Leicestershire County Council to withdraw the threatened changes to Barwell Library.

    Liberal Democrats in the village have set it up so local people can express their dissatisfaction at the proposed changes which would mean no longer having professional librarians running it and it would cease to be funded by the County Council.

  • Michael Mullaney
    Article: Jun 30, 2014

    Pensioners would be guaranteed to earn at least an extra £790 per year by the end of the next parliament under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans, Pensions Minister Steve Webb announced today.

    Cllr Michael Mullaney Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth has welcomed these changes that mean the state pension will be worth at least £131-a-week by 2020, up from just £97.65 four years ago. Everyone remembers Gordon Browns 75p pensions insult. Ever since 2010 this can never happen again thanks to the Liberal Democrats.