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Recent updates

  • Petition: Feb 18, 2016

    I/we the undersigned call on the Conservative Council to scrap plans for a new brown bin tax

  • Article: Jan 28, 2016

    Campaigners who fought to save the 2nd Fire Engine at Hinckley Fire Station are celebrating

    a campaign success.

    Leicestershire Fire Authority had proposed a series of cuts to local Fire Services, this

    included removing the 2nd Fire Engine from Hinckley.

    The Fire Authority has now changed its mind and recommended that the 2nd Fire Engine in Hinckley be saved.

    Reacting to the news that the second Fire Engine at Hinckley will not be axed, Lib Dem representative on the Fire Authority County Councillor Stuart Bray (Lib Dem, Burbage Castle) said: "Back in the Autumn I told Fire bosses that these plans were dangerous and unacceptable and I'm delighted that they have now come round to our way of thinking. I am grateful for the huge public response and to all those people who attended the public meetings. This tremendous strength of feeling has forced Fire Chiefs to perform this welcome u-turn.

    "It's a shame they didn't ditch their plans sooner and we could have saved the public expense of a long consultation period, money which could have been spent on front-line services.

    "I will now be looking carefully at the new proposals and encouraging the Fire Authority to look at ways of saving money from back office functions which can be spent on keeping local residents safe."

    Hinckley Lib Dem County Councillor Michael Mullaney said "People power has worked. The leaders of the Fire Authority who wanted to remove our areas 2nd Fire Engine have had to change their mind. Thanks to everyone who signed the petitions to save the Fire Engine, and to all the people who came to speak at the public meetings and took part in the consultations.

    "The Hinckley area has a large population and it needs the 2nd Fire Engine to cover it. Thankfully instead of just accepting this huge cut to our local Fire Services people campaigned to save them and here in Hinckley the campaign has

    been a success. It's great news for the Hinckley area that our 2nd Engine has been kept."

  • County Councillors Stuart Bray, Michael Mullaney and Keith Lynch with some of the petitions
    Article: Jan 26, 2016

    Hinckley and Bosworth Liberal Democrat County Councillors have thanked residents who signed a petition to save local Fire Services.

    Well over a thousand people signed a petition run by local Lib Dem County Councillors David Bill, Stuart Bray, Keith Lynch and Michael Mullaney calling on Leicestershire Fire Authority to drop plans to massively cut back local Fire services.

    Leicestershire Fire Authority proposals included closing two local Fire Stations and removing eleven Fire engines, including one of the two Fire Engines that are based in Hinckley.

    Stuart Bray Lib Dem member of the Fire Authority said. "Lib Dem County Councillors have consistently opposed these plans to cut local Fire Services. Among the many local residents who opposed these plans have been current frontline firefighters who have warned that they'll no longer be able to properly protect Leicestershire residents. While money needs to be saved, it mustn't be at the expense of our safety."

    Hinckley Lib Dem County Councillor Michael Mullaney said "A huge thank you to all the local residents who signed the petition. There has been huge opposition in the Hinckley area to the proposal take away one of our two remaining fire engines. In an area with as big a population as Hinckley, Burbage, Barwell, Earl Shilton, it's clear we need more than one Fire Engine.

    "I hope the Fire Authority will take notice of the huge opposition from local residents to their plans, change them and keep the 2nd Fire Engine at Hinckley."

  • Article: Jan 25, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Councillors have called on Hinckley & Bosworth's

    Conservative administration to go back to the drawing board on their

    financial plans for the next three years.

    The Council's Scrutiny Commission considered the Council's Medium Term

    Financial Strategy at its meeting last Thursday.

    Lib Dem Opposition Leader Cllr Stuart Bray (Lib Dem, Hinckley Castle)

    proposed that the report be sent back to the Council's Executive as none

    of the options proposed were acceptable.

  • Cllr Michael Mullaney and Mathew Hulbert outside the Barwell Post Office
    Article: Jan 25, 2016

    Liberal Democrats in Barwell are calling on residents to have their say in a consultation on the future of the village's High Street Post Office.

    It is currently threatened with closure, with some (but not all) of its services set to move into a newsagents.

    There's concerns about what'll happen to the services which are lost and whether they'll be enough privacy for those wanting to conduct transactions if the change does happen.

  • Article: Jan 15, 2016
    Reacting to the news that Hinckley and Bosworth's Conservative
    administration intends to increase the Council Tax by 4.5%, Lib Dem

    Opposition Leader Cllr Stuart Bray (Lib Dem, Hinckley Castle) said:

    "We will be opposing this inflation-busting rise. During the last Lib

    Dem administration we froze Council Tax for 5 consecutive years,

    protected front-line services and put money away for a rainy day. After

    less than a year the Tories have already made a mess of it.

    "The last Conservative administration hiked up Council Tax and other

    charges and it's happening all over again. The last Lib Dem Council set

    in place new ways for the Council to make money on land it proposed to

    sell off, if the Conservatives had continued that at the pace we had

    intended then it was very likely that no increase would have been

    necessary again this year."

    This is on top of the new that Tory-controlled Leicestershire County

    Council is also increasing their share of the Council Tax by 4% too.

    Lib Dem Finance Spokesman Cllr Keith Lynch (Lib Dem, Hinckley

    Clarendon) added: "George Osborne promised no tax rises but when he

    takes such vast amounts of money away from councils, its local residents

    that end up covering the gap with their Council Tax.

    "With the Conservatives in charge at Westminster and both local

    councils there is nobody else for them to blame."
  • Article: Dec 12, 2015
    A petition, calling for the threatened Hinckley Co-Op store to be kept open has been submitted to Co-Op managers.
    The petition, organised by Hinckley Lib Dem councillors collected over 550 signatures.
    The popular department store on Castle Street Hinckley is one of six department stores, the other five being nearby in Warwickshire, that the Heart of England Co-Op propose to close.
  • Local author Stewart Bint and Michael Mullaney discuss need to keep Barwell Library open
    Article: Dec 11, 2015

    Local author Stewart Bint has thrown his support behind a campaign to save a threatened local Library.

    Barwell Library, situated in the George Ward Centre in Barwell is threatened with closure by Leicestershire County Council. The County Council are currently consulting on a proposal to close the Library and replace it with a mobile Library services.

  • Article: Dec 1, 2015
    Residents in Hinckley and Bosworth are being urged to add their names to a petition being run opposing plans to cut local Fire Services.

    Controversial plans from Conservative led Leicestershire Fire Authority include proposals to close fire stations, the sacking of over 100 firefighters and scrapping of eleven out of thirty Fire engines.

    The plans include the removal of one of the two Fire Engines that serve the Hinckley area. Consultation on the plans ends on December 4th and residents are being urged to write in to object to the proposals and to sign a petition that will be submitted by local Lib Dem Councillors opposing the cuts to local fire services.

    Hinckley and Burbage County Councillor and member of the Fire Authority Stuart Bray said, "I'm totally opposed to these plans to cut local fire services. Firefighters on the ground, Fire Unions have warned that this level of cutbacks pose a risk to public safety. We're told that fire engines from Warwickshire could cover the Hinckley area but Warwickshire Fire Authority are reviewing their own services next year which may well see big cutbacks there."

    Hinckley County Councillor Michael Mullaney added "Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition so far. The more signatures we get the more pressure we can put on the heads of the Fire Authority to drop these plans. I've spoken to hundreds of local residents who are extremely worried about the plans to remove one of Hinckley's two remaining Fire Engines."

    People can sign the petition opposing the plans to cut local fire services at www.bosworthlibdems.org.uk or can call 01455 632445 for a paper copy.

    Residents can respond to the Fire Service Consultation which ends Friday December 4th at http://www.leicestershire-fire.gov.uk/irmp

  • Article: Nov 30, 2015

    You can sign the petition to stop the cutbacks to our local Fire Services here http://bosworthlibdems.org.uk/en/petition/save-leicestershire-s-fire-service-petition