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  • Article: Nov 28, 2014

    Michael Mullaney has signed the MND Association's Charter in recognition of the rights of people living with motor neurone disease (MND) and has agreed to work with the charity to ensure people living with this terminal disease don't die without a voice.

    This rapidly progressive disease kills five people every day in the UK, with a third of people dying within 12 months of diagnosis. Between 80% and 95% of people living with MND will experience some communications difficulties, some losing their voice completely, before they die.

  • Article: Nov 26, 2014

    Attempts by Conservatives to blame the Borough Council for the recent collapsed sewer on Chapel Street have been condemned as misleading the public.

    Councillor David Gould (Lib Dem, Barwell) said: It is completely wrong for Conservatives to blame the collapsed sewer in Chapel Street on the Borough Council.

    "Severn Trent controls the sewers and the Conservative County Council are responsible for Highways.

    "This would appear to be an attempt by Conservatives to smear problems caused by Severn Trent Water and the County Council on the Lib Dems, despite the fact they have no control over them whatsoever."

    "There have also been references made to the SUE; however something that hasn't been built yet, on completely the opposite side of the village couldn't possibly affect a really old pipe that was due for replacement in any instance.

    "County Council bosses have also decreed that they can mitigate the SUE with money from the developers - yet Conservative County Councillors seem to be making up a story of their own. Is there any end to their desperation to deceive in this matter?"

    Councillor Mathew Hulbert (Lib Dem, Barwell) added "The closure of Chapel Street, due to a collapsed sewer, has caused chaos for many local residents.

    "David Gould and I are calling on the Conservative County Council to do more to improve the roads in our village, to help prevent such problems happening.

    "Your Lib Dem team works all year round, if you have any issues with, poor road surfaces you want us to take up with the County Council, please let us know"

  • Article: Nov 26, 2014

    Sign the petition here calling on RBS to save the NatWest bank in Earl Shilton http://signme.org.uk/1024

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    PRESS RELEASE reference Recovered Planning Appeal: Sketchley House (Chapels Drive / Welbeck Ave. Development).

    Burbage Councillor John Moore regrets the decision made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government in allowing the appeal that will result in additional housing being inflicted on Burbage.

  • Article: Nov 25, 2014

    Hinckley Councillor Michael Mullaney has welcomed Confederation of British Industry (CBI) calls to help families by increasing free childcare.

    The CBI has echoed plans already set out by the Liberal Democrats to extend free childcare to 15 hours a week for all children from two-years-old.

    Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth Michael Mullaney said: "Liberal Democrats and businesses both understand that one of the biggest barriers to employment for many people, particularly women, is the sky-high costs of childcare."

    "Liberal Democrats have already significantly expanded free childcare - with all three and four year olds, as well as two year olds from the most hard pressed homes, now eligible for the equivalent of 15 free hours a week.

    "This has provided free childcare for 17,500 children in Leicestershire.

    Cllr Michael Mullaney said:
    "It is clear the Lib Dems and business want the same thing - to build a stronger economy and a fairer society where everyone has the chance to get on in life. Tax cuts and better access to childcare are key in achieving that goal."

    Lib Dems have also sketched out longer term plans to extend free childcare to all working parents from the end of parental leave, as well as a guaranteed 20 hours for all two to four year olds.

    Liberal Democrat Business Minister Jo Swinson said:

  • Article: Nov 24, 2014

    Cllr Michael Mullaney (Lib Dem: Hinckley) has welcomed news that disadvantaged primary school pupils in Leicestershire are set to receive 18,260,000 to boost attainment, the Liberal Democrats have announced.

    The pupil premium funding for 2015/16 will help teachers support those children at most risk of falling behind their colleagues.

  • Article: Nov 18, 2014

    Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth, Cllr Michael Mullaney has today called on the Government to urgently commit up to £1.5bn extra for the NHS.

    This was backed by Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb who has called on the Government to free up extra cash for the NHS in the upcoming Autumn Statement.

  • Article: Nov 17, 2014

    Hinckley and Bosworth Councillor and Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman Michael Mullaney is backing a move to change the law to give publicans renting from the giant pub chains a fairer deal.

    He wants a new clause written into the Small Business Bill which would stop large pub companies charging hugely inflated prices and excessive rents to their tenants.

    The clause, promoted by the campaign group, Fair Deal for Your Local, would mean publicans tied by companies which own more than 500 pubs across the country could opt for a rental only deal. This would allow them to buy beer on the open market at prices up to 70 per cent below what pub companies force them to pay.

    "This is such an important issue," said Michael. "Our pubs are failing and closing down because publicans are being held to ransom by the big pubcos. They are charged excessive rents and high beer prices which leaves some effectively being paid less than the minimum wage.

    "Changing the law gives our local pubs a fighting chance. It stops large companies taking advantage and puts the tied licensee on a fairer playing field with the free of tied licensee.

    "In Hinckley and Bosworth, we have lost so many pubs in the last 10 years. These are not just vitally important businesses employing people but they are integral parts of our community and once they are lost they are often gone forever.

    "I am supporting the Fair Deal for Your Local amendment to this Bill because I feel so strongly about this issue. Our current MP David Tredinnick has not yet committed to supporting this important campaign I urge him to support it as the campaign has backing from MPs of all parties.

  • Michael Mullaney talking to local apprentice Chantelle Michel at a recent business event in Hinckley
    Article: Nov 14, 2014

    Local campaigner Cllr Michael Mullaney has welcomed new figures showing that 840 people started an apprenticeship in Hinckley and Bosworth in the last 12 months.

    Liberal Democrats in Government have led the apprentice drive and are on course to deliver two million apprenticeships in Britain by the end of this parliament.

    And new figures from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills show 840 apprenticeships were created in the area in 2013/14.

    Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for Hinckley and Bosworth Cllr Michael Mullaney said:

    "Gone are the days when a vocational education was seen as the poor relation when it came to choosing a career path.

    "We are seeing more young people choosing apprenticeships while hearing from businesses who say they simply couldn't function without the talent and ambition they bring.

    "All young people should have an opportunity to get on in life and apprenticeships are a great way to deliver that.

    "Liberal Democrats have pushed this policy in Government and made sure apprentice programmes are rigorous, responsive and meet the changing needs of the future economy.

    "Delivering on apprenticeships helps build the stronger economy and fairer society Britain needs."

  • Article: Nov 11, 2014
    Hundreds of events will be taking place this week as charities use Trustees' Week as a time to thank the one million trustees across England and Wales for their time and dedication.
    Hinckley and Bosworth Lib Dem Councillor Michael Mullaney has welcomed the work that trustees do for voluntary work across the local area. Michael said "There are 175 voluntary organisations in Bosworth that all rely on the dedication, energy and commitment of 900 trustees in order to support their beneficiaries.