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Recent updates

  • Paul Williams the new Lib Dem Burbage Parish Councillor and supporters
    Article: Nov 21, 2017

    The Lib Dems came out on top in a close by-election in Burbage. In the election for a new Parish Councillor for Burbage Stretton Ward held on Thursday, Lib Dem Paul Williams secured victory by just 18 votes.

    The by-election was caused by the death of long serving Burbage Councillor David Inman.

    The new Councillor Paul Williams said "A big thank you to everyone who supported me in the election. Having spoken to many residents it's clear the main issues they want tackling are problems with speeding and inappropriate parking in parts of the village. There are also concerns about the scale of development and the lack of services to go with the developments."

  • Back Paul Williams to be the new Burbage Stretton Councillor on Thursday
    Article: Nov 13, 2017

    Voters in Burbage are once again going to the polls this Thursday to elect a new Parish councillor. The election follows the sad death of veteran councillor David Inman earlier this year.

    Liberal Democrats are delighted that long-standing Burbage resident Paul Williams is standing in the by-election. Paul was born and bred locally and went to school in Burbage and lives in the village with his wife Kerry on Rugby Road.

  • Paul Williams
    Article: Nov 7, 2017

    Burbage - Traffic and Parking

    In talking to residents, in the village, over the last few weeks, one of the major concerns for people is traffic and parking.

    It's a fact that many of the village streets were designed and laid out in a time of the horse and cart. More worryingly some of the new streets, introduced in living memory, are also struggling to cope with 21st century traffic. I grew up in Burbage in the 1960s when there was a regular double deck bus running through the centre of the village on a twenty-minute timetable, car ownership was for the few. The growth of car ownership and employment spread over a wider area, meant such public services became less popular and hence less viable.

  • Article: Oct 31, 2017

    Research by the Liberal Democrats showed that the Government is cutting funding for schools in Leicestershire. There's a cut of £89 per pupil which when combined with inflation, is expected to force a number of schools to make difficult decisions on how to provide education.

    In May, the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimated that the cost of providing education could rise by 8%, meaning that unless the Government provides extra funding, schools may be forced to severely cut back on resources.

  • Article: Oct 31, 2017

    A Leicestershire County Councillor has taken up the cause of local "WASPI" women at a conference. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) are a campaigning group for women who lost out when their retirement age was raised without proper consultation and notice. Many women born in the 1950s were affected by the changes.

  • Article: Oct 25, 2017

    Two Liberal Democrat members from Hinckley and Bosworth succesfully got the East Midlands Liberal Democrats conference to back a motion, unanimously, supporting the electrification of the East Midlands Mainline that travels through Leicester and the rest of the East Midlands.

    Hinckley Lib Dem County Councillor Michael Mullaney proposed the motion he said "Electrification of the East Midlands Mainline would mean cleaner, greener, faster trains for commuters here in Leicestershire and the rest of the East Midlands.

    "The very week the Conservative government announced electrification of the Midlands Mainline would not be taking place in Leicestershire they announced £30 billion extra for Crossrail for London and the South East. People in Leicestershire are sick to the back teeth of all the infrastructure money being poured into London and the South East and so little coming here in Leicestershire and the rest of the Midlands.

    "Our area needs improved public transport to boost the economy and to provide better public transport for local residents. On top of electrification of the Midland Mainline we should also see more frequent trains through Hinckley, a train every thirty minutes instead of hourly as at present. People in Leicesterhsire elected Consevrative MPs and Conservative councils it's time the Conservative government delivered the high-quality public transport our county deserves."

    Seconding the motion Bosworth Lib Dem Vice Chair Mathew Hulbert said "I'm very pleased this motion was passed unanimously. If the Tories can find £1bn for infrastructure in Northern Ireland, to secure the votes of the DUP to keep the present Government in office, they should be able to find the money to keep their promises to voters in our region and ensure electrification. Why aren't the Tory MPs from across the Midlands, including our own, forcing the Government's hand on this? Who speaks for the Midlands in this administration? We Liberal Democrats, at every level of Government, will continue to call for the Government to do what it needs to do to meet the country's transport infrastructure needs and to ensure that infrastructure helps to reduce our impact on the earth's climate.''
  • Rob Mayne secured a big swing to the Lib Dems in the Burbage by-election
    Article: Oct 10, 2017

    The Lib Dems secured a huge swing in a by-election in Burbage nearly winning a seat in the ward of the Conservative Council leader.

    The by-election in the Burbage Sketchley and Stretton Ward of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough took place last Thursday. It saw a Conservative majority of 500 nearly wiped out as the Conservatives clung on by just 37 votes after a re-count.

  • Cllr Rob Mayne
    Article: Sep 28, 2017

    Voters in Burbage will once again be going to the polls, this time to elect a new local councillor. A Councillor has sensationally quit his post following a bust-up in the ruling Conservative Group.

    Liberal Democrats are delighted that long-standing Burbage resident Rob Mayne has agreed to stand in the by-election which will take place on October 5th.

  • Article: Sep 26, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have tabled a debate on electrification at the next meeting of the Leicestershire County Council to be held on Wednesday 27th September. A motion has been tabled by Hinckley County Councillor Michael Mullaney that expresses disappointment in the recent Government decision to cancel the Midland Mainline electrification project.

  • Michael Mullaney and local residents are fighting to save Hinckley's Big Pit from development
    Article: Sep 12, 2017

    Councillor Michael Mullaney, Keith Nichols, Lynda Hodgkins and David Bill joined local residents and campaigners on a demonstration fighting to save Hinckley's Big Pit nature feature from development. County Councillor Michael Mullaney (Lib Dem: Hinckley De Montfort) who represents the area of Hinckley around the Big Pit site said "I was delighted to see so many residents turning out to campaign to save the Big Pit nature feature from development.