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Bosworth's MP slammed for "Utterly ridiculous" interview on astrology

February 24, 2015 5:26 PM

Bosworth's Conservative MP David Tredinnick has been slammed for an interview he carried out for the Astrological Journal in which he repeated his beliefs in using astrology in the NHS, attacked the BBC for being biased against astrology and accused opponents of using astrology in healthcare of "superstition, ignorance and prejudice."

Mr Tredinnick's Lib Dem opponent Hinckley Cllr Michael Mullaney said "Will Mr Tredinnick ever stop? With all his talk about astrology he is letting local people down by denying them a voice in Parliament on the big issues. We need an MP who will speak up on the importance of employment, decent wages, pensions, improving the education system, transport issues, saving green spaces.

"What we don't need is an MP who is making our area a laughing stock with his utterly ridiculous obsession with astrology"

Mr Tredinnick did an interview with the January/February edition of the Astrological Journal, the following is an extract from the interview with Mr Tredinnick

"I have a strong 6th house which suggests an emphasis on being a servant of the people - and this is quite a strong indication of health and healing. My Moon-Venus-Jupiter planets (in Aquarius) sit opposite Pluto in the 12th house". Certainly the Jupiter/Pluto opposition alerts to his questioning of scientific, social, spiritual and medical ideology (given the house involved): Jupiter assumes a potentially powerful corrective role in the life of the native, especially over matters to do with religion or politics or education.

Responding to Mr Tredinnick's comments his Lib Dem opponent Michael Mullaney said "It appears that Mr Tredinnick is saying he makes his mind up on affairs of state according to the positions of Jupiter and Pluto. He has said before that he believes Doctors should use such Astrological Charts when diagnosing and prescribing for their patients. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but Mr Treddinick, a member of the Health Select Committee in our Parliament, seriously suggests that this sort of medieval superstition should be used to decide matters of life and death in the NHS. It is no wonder that medical experts such as Professor Robert Winston and Conservative MP Dr Sarah Wollaston have condemned his views and his influence in Parliament.

"Whilst my Lib Dem colleagues and I have been working with local residents to fight to save the last Bank in Earl Shilton, the NatWest, Mr Tredinnick has said nothing about the Earl Shilton Bank despite it being in the area he is supposed to represent. On the other hand Mr Tredinnick does go on about the Bank of China."

In the article Mr Tredinnick says "I know there was concern that the Bank of China Tower has unfavourable, sharp angles sending aggressive energy to Government House nearby".

Michael Mullaney said "This is just another example of the abysmal level of representation the people of Hinckley and Bosworth have put up with for far too long. At the last general election I finished a strong 2nd to Mr Tredinnick. On May 7th people have a chance to finally end, after 28 years, this appalling representation"