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James Moore campaigning to keep streets and communities safe

March 23, 2021 11:20 AM

Dr James Moore, Liberal Democrat candidate for Leicestershire and Rutland Police Commissioner

The Local Choice Who Listens

Dr. James Moore has lived in Leicestershire and Rutland for much of his life. Educated at John Cleveland College, Hinckley, he holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Manchester. James has worked in education for most of his career and currently teaches history and politics at the University of Leicester. He has been a local campaigner for several decades, serving as a member of Liberal Democrat controlled Hinckley and Bosworth Borough council, and working to prevent crime in the community.

Reverse the Cuts and Bring Back Local Policing

Dr. James Moore is campaigning to reverse the cuts in local policing and to prevent police services being centralised at Leicester. He is determined to see the restoration of local criminal investigation teams so that the police can really get to know local people and local communities. He is also calling for a greater focus on crimes that affect ordinary people in their everyday lives, especially burglary and street violence.

Liberal Democrat Priorities - Keeping Streets and Communities Safe

Leicestershire's Liberal Democrat councils work with the police all-year-round to protect the community. A Liberal Democrat Police Commissioner will:

  • Extend community policing and community patrols
  • Introduce a 'Street Safe' initiative to reduce the fear of street violence
  • Improve street lighting, where it will help deter crime
  • Tackle dangerous driving and speeding
  • Adopt a more preventative approach towards domestic violence
  • Tackle burglary and develop new burglary prevention initiatives with local communities
  • Enhance efforts to tackle drug crime and county lines gangs
  • Develop more community neighbourhood watch and crime prevention initiatives
  • Provide better support to victims of crime

Supporting the Police - Helping, Not Hindering

A Liberal Democrat Police Commissioner will work closely and constructively with the Chief Constable to improve local policing. Liberal Democrats will ensure communities have a direct say in local policing and crime prevention. One the rare occasions when things go wrong, Liberal Democrats will work hard to support the police to put things right. The police have a difficult job to do - they need to be supported and not undermined.

More Police, Not More Politicians

The Liberal Democrats believe that the Office of the Police Commissioner costs far too much. Dr. James Moore will cut the cost of the Office and reduce the number of paid advisors within it to a minimum. Liberal Democrats want to see more police, not more politicians and political advisors.

Unlike the Labour and Conservative Police Commissioner, Dr. Moore will not take the excessive salary of the office and will only take home the equivalent of his current salary as a university teacher. The money saved will be donated to projects for disadvantage young people across the county.

Tory and Labour Commissioners mean More of the Same

We have had Conservative and Labour Police Commissioners, yet almost a decade on we have far fewer police in our counties than ten years ago. While Leicestershire's Liberal Democrat Councils have invested in crime prevention, the Labour City Council has cut the youth services that keep young people away from crime. Liberal Democrats will fight for a restoration of police numbers, improve youth and community services and bring back local policing.

James Moore said "Liberal Democrats oppose the excessive salaries and cost of the Police Commissioners. We want to see more police, not more politicians and political advisors."

"Liberal Democrats are fighting for a return to local policing. We need more police in our local towns and villages. We do not want everything centralised in Leicester."

"We have had Labour and Conservative police commissioners in Leicestershire and Rutland, but they have made little difference. Police numbers in our counties are now considerably lower than a decade ago. The Labour City Council has cut the youth services that help prevent crime. Liberal Democrats will fight to increase police numbers and tackle the crimes that most concern local people, such as burglary and street violence." James Moore Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Leicestershire